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Boston Globe Violent Ends edited by Shaun David Hutchinson "The point that Violent Ends so beautifully makes isn’t just that there are answers we will never have and human actions we will never understand. It also demonstrates this: We cannot 100 percent know the depth of another person’s heart. We cannot know the whys and [...]
Birch Trees


The Horn Book Magazine What Makes a Good YA Road Trip Novel? "A good road trip adventure has the spirit of Huck’s rafting trip. It should never read like a Lonely Planet travel guide, nor should it drown the excitement of travel in excessive landscape description or getting stuck in characters’ heads for too long. [...]

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Boston Globe Cambridge’s Lois Lowry, Architect of the Original Young Adult Dystopia “The grand surprise has really been the fact that being an author, which to me had always implied being a private person, actually requires you to be a public person as well, and those are two separate entities to me." — Lois Lowry   [...]

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Boston Globe Portsmouth, N.H. Established Itself as a Cultural Hub "'I just like that it kind of breaks down the boundaries of what people think art is,' Kang said about her campaign." A Trail of Literary Sites for April Vacation "But children’s novels and picture books can become real-world adventures when you take young readers [...]