The Horn Book Magazine

What Makes a Good YA Road Trip Novel?

“A good road trip adventure has the spirit of Huck’s rafting trip. It should never read like a Lonely Planet travel guide, nor should it drown the excitement of travel in excessive landscape description or getting stuck in characters’ heads for too long. A good road trip novel is a careful balance of an outward voyage with an inner journey.”

The Long Life of a Mockingbird

“It has generated not just a cocktail but song lyrics, band names, and children’s and dogs’ names, and myriad young adult books have been inspired by its power. Mockingbird has become a part of the public subconscious, a literary and a cultural touchstone.”




The Los Angeles Review of Books

The Phantom Tollbooth Turns 50: Puns, Games, and Mathemagic

“Like other classic children’s tales, The Phantom Tollbooth leaves you with the sensation that the best adventures happen when you least expect a magic rabbit hole, a transporting tornado, an enchanted wardrobe, or a phantom tollbooth.”





YA Takes on Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale

“It’s impossible to predict what kind of world young women reading these novels 10, 15, 25 years from now will inhabit. Best-case scenario? Teens will be both amused and appalled by the idea of a society in which women’s bodies are not their own. Worst case? They’ll be living in one.”

Matilda at 25: Roald Dahl’s bookish heroine is still an inspiration to the quiet girls.

“In these days where irony is king and thus identifying as a geek is tongue-in-cheek celebrated, it’s easy to not recognize what Dahl did earlier than anyone else: With Matilda, he made being a nerd cool before being a nerd was cool.”




School Library Journal Editorials

A Lesson in Everything | Series Made Simple Fall 2011

“…there’s always something more to learn-even when exploring the final frontier.”

Let the Fun Begin! | Series Made Simple Spring 2012

“All it takes is one fascinated child poring over animal photographs or a student repeating verbatim an amazing fact to remind us that sometimes learning is often best achieved as a byproduct of fun.”

Dig In! | Series Made Simple Spring 2013

“As librarians, you know all too well that you can challenge students. You can prompt them to think, and ask them to be engaged. But you can’t just stuff them full of facts.”

Don’t Forget the Arts | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

“And while solid college majors, technological know-how, and strong STEM classes are indeed vital in the new global economy, it’s silly to forget about the arts or to think we can only have biology labs at the expense of theater workshops. We need both. The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges once said, ‘Art is fire plus algebra.’ I would argue that we could reverse his statement: math is also fire and art.”