Profiles & Interviews

Profiles & Interviews

Boston Globe

Cambridge’s Lois Lowry, Architect of the Original Young Adult Dystopia

“The grand surprise has really been the fact that being an author, which to me had always implied being a private person, actually requires you to be a public person as well, and those are two separate entities to me.” — Lois Lowry





Thinking Beyond Blue and Pink

“At the same time, Jessy, Christina, Mariah, Cameron, Nat, and Luke are like so many other boys and girls their ages. They doubt. They feel uncomfortable in their bodies and that adults don’t understand them. They worry about relationships and looking good and dream of glittery, beautiful futures. ‘Transition? Everyone goes through one kind of transition or another,’ said Mariah. ‘We go through transitions every day. Except mine is maybe a little more extreme.'”




School Library Journal

Meet Michelle Colte, SLJ’s School Librarian of the Year

“‘The greatest joy is seeing students when that light bulb goes off,’ she says. ‘Seeing them empowered, seeing that they’ve learned something and they’re going to go help someone else.’ Such moments are why Colte loves being a librarian. Such moments make her feel laki—lucky, indeed.”


Building a Castle in Brooklyn: Director Dellamaggiore Talks About Her Award-Winning Documentary

“…it’s about opening up a kid’s world and that’s what chess did. But it doesn’t have to be chess as long as our public schools are giving kids opportunities like that where they can dream beyond their immediate world.” — Katie Dellamaggiore


Living with Legends: Up Close with Kid Lit Historian Leonard Marcus

“…the picture book and the artist book are really the laboratory in which the future of the book will be decided because these are the most experimental formats within the realm of the physical book,” he said. “And so there plenty of great ideas there to be had, from which everyone can learn.” — Leonard Marcus




 La Napoule Art Foundation

Life Is Sweet: A Conversation with Artist & Alumnus Will Cotton

“I wanted to, if anything, start viewers on a path of asking themselves questions about paradise and about utopia and about what it would really be like.” — Will Cotton