Travel, Education, Etc.

Travel, Education, Etc.

Boston Globe

Portsmouth, N.H. Established Itself as a Cultural Hub

“‘I just like that it kind of breaks down the boundaries of what people think art is,’ Kang said about her campaign.”

A Trail of Literary Sites for April Vacation

“But children’s novels and picture books can become real-world adventures when you take young readers to children’s literature-centered destinations throughout New England.”



The National Book Foundation

Up All Night: A History of the National Book Award Winners and Finalists in Young People’s Literature

An online exhibit that celebrates the 229 winners and honorees of the National Book Award in Young People’s Literature.



School Library Journal

Amazing Reading Nooks

“There is something about the act of reading that calls out for a safe, snug, and comfortable spot.”

YA Authors Who Give Back

“All of this good work raises a question: Are writers and readers just more empathetic? An October 2013 study published in Science found that “reading literary fiction may hone adults’ ToM [Theory of Mind], a complex and critical social capacity.” In non-geek speak, this means that psychologists determined that reading literary fiction increases empathy among adults.”