Chelsey Philpot

When, after all, does the fall begin—at the first thought of flight or the moment you’re airborne?

Be Good Be Real Be Crazy


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They were perfect. They were flawed. They were scarred and beautiful. They were too familiar with death and clung to life by clinging to one another. The Great Buchanans were only human, after all

Even in Paradise

As children we read to escape—to enter fantasy worlds where a bespectacled boy can discover he’s a wizard or a brave girl can find a magical passage through a wardrobe. But we also read to find reflections of ourselves.Chelsey Philpot, “Matilda at 25”

Cursive writing

If you believe in gravity, you already believe in something higher than yourself.

Be Good Be Real Be Crazy


lighthouse on sand dunes

Even in Paradise

Even in Paradise

This is not something anyone can teach you. Heartbreak you must learn on your own.

Even in Paradise

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