Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read your unpublished manuscript?

I’m so sorry, but I cannot read the book, article, poem, or other such creation you’ve probably put a great deal of time into bringing into existence.

I could present you with a spiel about the legal, ethical, and practical reasons I’m not able to read your manuscript. However, such a spiel would be tiresome and potentially full of legalese and passive sentences. 

Dear Reader, I respect and appreciate you too much to subject you anymore than this:

Because of my journalism and book review writing, I cannot read unpublished manuscripts.

Could I send you my book for review or “blurbing”?

I love, love, love reading and writing about books, but what I review and when I review it is determined by my assigning editors. As for writing book blurbs, this, too, is determined by publishers I work with.

What if I’d like to speak with someone about audio rights, movie rights, or a business related matter?

Please reach out to my literary agent, Stephen Barbara, at InkWell Management.


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